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Chickso's professional design is available in more than 64 languages on your website. We build websites that are presented in multiple languages, making your site more accessible and reach a wider audience.

Nested classification

Organization is a key requirement when you are managing content. Being able to create a nested category and depth without limits it is a great plus in helping manage large websites.

Banner management

We have a banner manager that you can easily add ads and monetize your website. This tool allows you to create custom and advertising campaigns, what you need, even custom code, set exposures, track clicks and add as many banners as possible...

Smart search

With built-in search and smart search, your website visitors will be able to quickly and easily find the information on your website. Statistics can analyze your visitor needs and streamline your content to better serve them. You must use the capabilities of the included smart index, advanced search options, and automatic prompt search.

Content management

The Chickso website has a content management system, content creation is made easy by built-in editing, allowing you to edit the content without the knowledge of any code. After creating the content, you will find many possibilities to display its front end. Next, with different layouts, you can use several pre-installed modules to display the most popular articles, the latest projects, related articles and more.

Menu management

The Menu Manager allows you to create as many menus and menu items as you need. You can build a completely separate content structure for your menu hierarchy (and nested menu items). Put a menu in multiple places and any style you want; use rollovers, drop down menus, pop-up buttons and almost any other navigation system you can think of. In addition, breadcrumbs are automatically generated to help users who browse your site.

Shopping website



The user refers to the role of the login manager interface and can modify the settings of the foreground background. Each user has their own user management. Through the user group, users can set different permissions for different users to manage the online store.

Product Category

Whenever a new product is added, the user must load the product into its category, so the product category must be established before the product can be added to the store. This process can reduce the mess of product data and reduce unnecessary Repeat the editing action.

Delivery method

The shipping method can be selected from the drop-down form in the plug-in page. Some of the more common shipping methods are preset in the OpenCart system, as long as the shipping method is enabled as needed.

Discount label

After adding a discount offer, you can set the customer group, purchase quantity, priority, discount price, start date, and end date.

Payment platform

OpenCart has provided a variety of payment platforms for free, which includes bank transfer to multiple large online payment platforms. Users can easily enable the payment platform to meet customer needs by simply pressing the installation on the page.

Inventory status

In order to meet the needs of users, the OpenCart system's inventory status is allowed to be customized.

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